About Me

Hi! I like writing, singing, dancing, reading, and being on a stage performing my heart out. I love Jesus with a passion and will cry uncontrollably if asked about why I love Jesus so much. (Yes, I am that person with the loose tear ducts). I’m twenty years old and after much vacillating, I now go to Franciscan University of Steubenville. I like sharing my stories and opinions so hopefully you’re interested about hearing about my life and the people who have impacted me. My name is not Jane Doe, though that’s what I’ve put as my name here. The point of that is that I could be anyone. I could be your best friend, your classmate. I could be your sister, or just a random woman you pass on the street. My stories are stories that I’m sure other people have experienced as well, which is why I felt that the anonymity of Jane Doe suited this blog. I’m sure my real name is floating around on this site somewhere, but Jane is what I’ll be calling myself in my posts. Feel free to share my blog and comment if you have questions or remarks!